The Fruits of My Labor

After a summer of carefully watering my garden and defending it from the entire deer population of the Hudson Valley, I’ve had something to show for my efforts. I would have had one (1) tomato, but just before it started to turn red, a deer decided that it couldn’t wait for it to ripen either and ate it as well as about half the tomato plant.

My chili plant, on the other hand, must have smelled very unpleasant to deer noses and thus was allowed to produce seven beautiful big chili peppers.


My cucumbers, on the other hand, produced some small, strange bush cukes.

Strange, alien cucumber

It looks like the cucumbers wanted to grow around the crate I used to support the plant, just like the tendrils on the cucumber plant itself. Any words of wisdom from those with more gardening experience than I? What kind of cucumber do I have here? Anyway, this year’s garden has been a learning experience. I look forward to planning next year’s garden and plotting anti-deer maneuvers.


The Crazy Plant Lady

Maybe it’s something in the air in the Hudson Valley. Just about as soon as the boy and I moved here, I started a garden. While not totally out of character, the urge came on quite powerfully. Our porch is, fortuitously, made for container gardening, with a trough built into the brick railing. On move-in day, the trough’s only residents were some very happy looking weeds.

Now, meet the garden:


Chile peppers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tomatoes





That was towards the middle of June, shortly after we’d moved in. Now, my plants look like this. Cue…giant bush cucumber.








These plants make me inexplicably happy. I fuss over them like a parent or, as per this post’s title, the crazy plant lady that my parents probably refer to me as. With no job for this summer and a lot of free time during the day, I often mosy onto the porch probably twice every day. This is only slightly justified by the fact that it has been over 90 degrees for what feels like the majority of our time here so far, so they do need more watering than usual.

And then.

In the wee hours of the morning, as Sean and I are slumbering peacefully…disaster strikes. A deer, attracted by the smell of a well-tended garden, mistakes my plants for a salad bar.


The joys of gardening, eh? I’m just sayin’, I hear venison goes really well with cucumbers.