If you’re reading this, you know that my posting has been somewhat lacking in the last few weeks. Please meet the reason why: 

This is Murphy. He is a 15-pound Brittany puppy/ball of craziness. He plays hard and naps harder. Consequently, I spend much of my time running with him, playing with him, training him, and otherwise keeping him busy and, when he’s napping, trying to get everything else in my life done.

As with many things in life, dog ownership makes me think in different ways about — what else? Food. When talking to our dog trainer, she gave us a stack of papers on dog food and proper puppy nutrition. The rescue that Murphy came from asked that he be fed food with no grain fillers such as wheat and corn, and the trainer gave us materials on “how to read nutrition labels.” Lucky me — thanks to my celiac, I’m already a pro at reading food labels. As Marion Nestle says in an interview on the subject, pet food ingredient lists are just as confusing as those for human food. Just as many unknown or unusual ingredients but, unlike in human food, I don’t know what Murphy needs. I know that meat is good for him, but what about “beef lungs” and other weird meat parts? Is the sausage with turkey and spinach and cranberries better than the smellier one with duck and potato?

Either way, I’ll be thinking even more about food as I restock Murphy’s treats this week.

Coming up shortly: a review of/thoughts on Swindled: The Dark History of Food Fraud


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